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Consulting and Auditing

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Organisations in the disability sector are required to meet human rights compliance measures through funding and service agreements, and various sector standards and accreditation processes. In addition, business is required to meet anti-disability discrimination legislation to protect the rights of people with disabilities and build a more inclusive organisation.  Right Approach provides training &/or solutions that can be implemented in a practical and cost-effective way to assist you meet compliance.

Similarly, the NSW government has indicated that all organisations that provide services to children will need to meet ten Child Safe Standards, underpinned by the Child Rights Framework.  The Standards will become mandatory late 2020 early 2021.

In response to this Right Approach has developed the Child Safe Organisational Review, a comprehensive tool to evaluate your organisation’s Child Safe Practices against the minimum standards for compliance with the Child Safe Standards.  The Review can be contextualised to meet the needs of each particular sector/organisation.

The Child Safe Organisation Review is not meant to be a ‘tick and flick’ exercise in order to meet legal compliance, but an opportunity to build a culture of child safety and disability inclusion within the organisation.

We understand that the increasing list of legal requirements may be confusing & overwhelming. Implementing new standards can be time consuming and fraught with complexity.  We are confident, however, that the Child Safe Organisation Review provides a tool to reduce the load on you as much as possible and assist with the transition.  We can  provide practical advice at the time it is needed, from changing culture, to identifying risks, to addressing complaints.

For many years we have be researching industry trends and specialised literature on child safety and disability rights and working with specialists from around the world to equip & support organisations applying Disability Rights & Child Safety & Well-Being.

Right Approach adopts a building-block approach that exposes participants to a series of workshops, or simply attend a one-off workshop.  Providing a number of different training options enables time and budget flexibility.

“Developing effective and context sensitive strategies is not a skill that can be learned by simply knowing what law says or understanding the key principles. Right Approach is dedicated to building the capacity of people working across contexts to effectively bring key human rights principles to their work”.

Professor Danielle Celermajer, Director, Human Rights Programs, University of Sydney.