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Creating Child Safe Organisations

  /  Creating Child Safe Organisations


In an interactive and practical full day session this program emphasises that for an organisation to be safe for children everyone needs to value and respect children.  In the first half of the day participants will understand their obligations within the current legislative context, and practice recognising and responding to child harm.  In the second half of the day participants gain an understanding of how to prevent child harm in organisational contexts, emphasising that managers and senior leaders are responsible for embedding a child safe culture.  Participants will look at organisational risks, and ways to empower children and young people to participate in decisions that affect them.

Designed for:  Managers, supervisors, and team leaders

Program length: 7 hours in total

The program may be adapted to your timeframe

Part 1

Recognise and Respond to Child Harm

Part 2

Preventing Child Harm in Organisational Settings

Part 1

  • Brief overview of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, and organisational risk to children
  • Child safety legislative context
  • Child harm and the indicators
  • Recognise, respond to, and report child harm

Part 2

  • Brief overview of the Royal Commission recommendations
  • Creating a child safe organisation and culture
  • Strengthening recruitment, selection and screening practices
  • Exploration of risk factors
  • Empowering strategies for children and young people
  • Role and responsibilities


  • Learn how to build a child safe culture, and how patterns of inappropriate behaviour can impact on a child’s ability to disclose child sexual abuse and other forms of harm
  • Understand child harm and the impact is has on children
  • Understand your responsibilities within the current legislative context
  • Understand how to use a five-step process that fosters an effective response to child harm
  • Demonstrate an understanding of risks to children
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of education to build a culture of child safety and wellbeing
  • Learn how to empower children and young people in building a child safe culture

The program can be delivered in your organisation and adapted to suit your needs.

(Min 5 Participants)

Public Program

Dates and locations for 2019 to be advised.

(Min 5 Participants)


Coming soon.

The Building-Block Approach

Right Approach adopts a building-block approach that exposes participants to a series of workshops to apply child safety and wellbeing, or simply attend a one-off workshop.  Providing a number of different training options enables time and budget flexibility.

Suzanne Arnold of Right Approach has a deep professional commitment to child safety and disability inclusion, is very dynamic in her approach, and a leader in her field."

Azmiri Mian, Lecturer, Social Work and Social Planning, Flinders University.